The Mission of Healing Hearts Ministry is to provide advocacy services to victims of crime and their families, specializing in domestic violence and sexual assault, through crisis intervention, shelter, education, and diverse community partnerships.

             The vision of Healing Hearts is to assist in the transformation of victims into survivors, to promote healing in the family structure, and to heighten awareness and education about violent crimes and their aftermath in our community.

History Of Healing Hearts:
Healing Hearts Ministry was established in January of 2006 by a few survivors of domestic violence. What started as a support group for victims of domestic violence quickly turned into a crisis center providing advocacy services for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

          Since opening the office in February of 2006 the agency has assisted over 2000 victims. The organization has expanded multiple times to include: sexual assault services, transitional housing program, the first Sexual assault response team and protocol for the county, a certified learning center for offenders through the department of probation and parole.

          In 2013, the board of directors unanimously voted to expand services to include all victims of violent crime. This includes families of homicide victims, aggravated assault, drunk driving, elder abuse, child abuse and other victims as well.

          We are currently in the development stage of adding full crisis services to any family in need. This may include: families recovering from loss of a family member, divorce, drugs & alcohol, financial crisis, homelessness, grief, youth at risk, and any other situation causing a deterioration in the family structure. Our goal is restoration of the family if possible or helping families heal and find stability when restoration is not an option.

Staff Statement of Purpose:
As survivors of abuse, the staff at Healing Hearts has a strong desire to see other survivors overcome the challenges and obstacles that face victims on a daily basis. They believe that healing (heart, mind, body, and soul) is necessary in overcoming the trauma of abuse and are dedicated to working, one on one, with victims through this process.

          Their purpose is also to educate the community and make them aware of the different facets of abuse in the hopes to end violence in our community.


Our Motto: Got HOPE?

          “Having Only Positive Expectations”

          You can climb any mountain, you can achieve any goal, you can overcome any obstacle!
Abuse affects all religions, races, ethnicities and ages and our staff is dedicated to provided quality and equal services to all who contact us for help.

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