The Victory House
Traditional domestic violence safe house shelters are short term housing options. A typical stay in a safe house is 30-45 days and then the victim has to make alternate living arrangements. This is simply not enough time to heal from injuries, deal with criminal and divorce proceedings, find employment, save money, etc. Without additional resources and assistance, many victims find these obstacles too overwhelming and choose to return to their abusive relationship because they feel they have no options.

The Victory House was designed to fill a gap in services in Kaufman County. Our community did not have any transitional housing for victims and many victims felt hopeless and so did we! We ran out of options for them! So the Victory House was developed as a transitional program for victims coming out of shelter or without other housing options.

This program is structured to EMPOWER victims to transform into SURVIVORS! Our goal is to create an individual program, unique to the needs of each resident!

To seek entrance in to our program, individuals first go through an intake through our non-residential program. Our case managers review the individual’s history and needs and together they work to develop a plan that best suits the needs of the victim. If the Victory House is a possible option for the individual, then a second interview is scheduled and the program is presented to the victim.

All participants in all of our programs have the option of choosing a faith based course of service or a non-faith based course of service. Bible based activities are not required of anyone at any time.  Our clients have the right to choose their faith, beliefs and even their choice to not believe. We respect their decisions and choose to live a positive life style and to be an example of what love is in front of them.

The extent and definition of faith based services are also left entirely up to the client. These services are geared to specifically address their questions about God, their beliefs, and doctrine, through the eyes of their own belief system and how their faith may have been used against them during their victimization. It is not geared to “Win Souls” to Christ or convert to a denomination or religion. Our faith based services are geared to help them find peace and answers to questions through their own faith belief system.

While living at the Victory House victims are able to receive counseling from licensed counselors or faith based counselors (the choice is theirs), life skills classes, support from other survivors, crisis intervention, accompaniments to court hearings, assistance in seeking employment or additional schooling.

Our focus is to address the total person: mind, body and spirit and to help bring peace, healing and improved quality of life in all three areas of their person. The goal of this program is to assist residents in achieving self-sufficiency, independence, self-esteem and other skills needed to live healthy, independent lives.

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